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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The definitive word on terrorism

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, who now co-hosts the Fox News daily show, The Five, spoke today at a large Methodist church in Savannah, Ga. to promote her latest book "And the Good News Is..." The book reached number one on both the New York Times bestseller list and the Wall St. Journal bestseller list. The one thing Perino stated today was in response to a question about terrorism...

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Villains rearing their ugly heads

Well, the villains are rearing their ugly heads as expected in this era of the perpetually dumbed down and brainwashed masses. Here are a few: Bernie Sanders who would give away "free" college education, much to the screams and delight of the ignorant who are totally oblivious to more government confiscation of the hard earned money of the American people. Oh, and this barefaced lie that this can be paid for with the money government confiscates from billionaires and corporations places Bernie into the same villainous gang of Hillary, Barack, and many others.

Bernie himself admitted last week in a TV interview that he would need to drastically raise taxes on those in the middle class, beginning with those who earn roughly $200,000, which includes small business owners, and go up from there to mega-tax upper income citizens to the tune of a 90 percent tax rate. That makes Bernie a dangerous villain.

There are otherwise smart people who know these things are true, yet promote them anyway. Some of these call themselves Christians. Sorry, but as an ordained minister who has been in various forms of ministry all my adult life, I can assure you such people need to do some serious soul searching. YOU ARE NOT 'DOING GOOD' IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE GOVERNMENT ROB THE TAXPAYERS TO DO IT!!!  In fact you are held in the grip of evil because you support government sanctioned stealing.

I saw one of these wolves in sheep's clothing tonight on Fox News. Sad that such a pretty face can support such chicanery and use Christianity to back it up. There is nothing whatsoever Christian about such a philosophy unless they stipulate that people must VOLUNTARILY help others. Jesus NEVER advocated stealing from one to give to another. You Robin Hoods may well believe in this philosophy but you must first come to terms with the fact that it is NOT CHRISTIAN!

So stop trying to justify this evil in the name of Christianity.

So far the news making villains this year (there are many more but I am confining myself here to this year alone) are Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, current NYC Mayor the socialist Bill de Blasio, the anti-gun lobby, Rahm Emanuel, IRS head John Koskinen, Planned Parenthood, and many others.

I am not perfect or always right, but I have sense enough to see the Devil's tail poking out between his coat tail to know that some of the most pleasant, pretty, and handsome people in the public eye are not what they claim.

Hillary's woes multiply

Today it is being widely reported in various D.C. outlets that Hillary Clinton's woes continue to multiply as the Inspector General (IG) of the State Department has issued subpoenas for records at The Clinton Foundation. Meanwhile the FBI continues its investigation into corruption concerning Hillary's private server at home while she served as Secretary of State. On that front, a federal court judge indicated Wednesday he had run out of patience with the State Dept.'s foot dragging on releasing ordered documents, and therefore demanded on Feb. 9 that all of the rest of the thousands of withheld documents be turned over to the court.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Economy takes another hit

The U.S. economy, and that of numerous countries across the globe, took another hit today. The trend in the markets since the start of 2016 has been downward. That trend continued today, leading Neil Cavuto of FBN to observe that the markets are very close to bear market territory, which would mean a 20 percent drop in value since the last market record high.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A look at behind the scenes pressure leading to Christie departure

When a political candidate suspends a campaign it is assumed that the factors at play are the usual suspects -- running out of money, the failure to gain favor and popularity among Party insiders and primary voters, and other considerations that are to be expected. Those considerations include behind the scenes pressures. A good example is Chris Christie's pending announcement today that he is suspending his campaign. Behind the scenes pressure is just as much a factor as the failure to gain popularity with Republican voters.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Election 2016 may be remembered as the year the economy collapses

More and more investors and those who serve as the watchdogs of the stock market and the U.S. economy in general say that the nation has withstood about all of the stop gap measures, quick fixes, and shoestring makeshift rigging it can handle. The election of 2016 may turn out to be remembered more for a collapsing economy...

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Oh, my....

I think most of you have read between the lines and observed that so far 2016 has been rough. I wanted to share one of the musical ways among many that point my heart toward the Lord Jesus Christ, where there is an abundance of comfort and rest,

I like many types of music, but I cut my earliest musical teeth on professional Gospel Quartets like the one you will see and hear below. I love the four part harmony and the deep, rich bass notes of Tim Riley, who gives the sound a sturdy and rich flavor. Note that mega-low double octave he sustains at the end, That sound is a vehicle through which the lyrics usher us right to the presence of Christ where I find hope and renewal in the still of the night. I share it with the hope this will happen to you too.
Pray by the Gold City Quartet

Monday, February 08, 2016

PR Newswire lists the reasons today's pollsters get it so wrong

Ever since the 2008 general election pollsters and political analysts have been so wrong about what the American electorate truly thought and wanted as to be embarrassing. And not only was this increasingly true about presidential politics but hundreds of more local races for the U.S. House and Senate. Some analysts have claimed they were lied to by the public, which made it next to impossible to adequately gauge today's voters. But PR Newswire has provided the full explanation thoroughly yet succinctly.

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Gun rights, national security intersect say GOP conservatives

On Saturday, just as the GOP debate in New Hampshire was getting underway, U.S.intelligence officials were attempting to decipher the latest act of defiance by North Korea, which had just successfully launched a long range rocket that put a satellite into orbit just weeks after its fourth nuclear test.

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New Hampshire GOP debate underscores a clear alternative

Committed conservatives of various stripes -- Republicans, Independents, and some Libertarians -- have stated both publicly and privately that this year represents one of the best Republican fields of candidates in many years...
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